"Many know how to build a network, few know how to keep it together"
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Revolvengdoor Door #5 Video

In the FIFTH DOOR, we will talk about Six Secret Weapons and A Powerful S.Y.S.T.E.M. for all your Distributors to plug into. Here’s what you’ll learn:
The 1st Weapon is knowing that the BIGGEST PROMOTERS of the S.Y.S.T.E.M. are the ones with the Biggest Teams every time.
The 2nd Weapon is knowing the 3 VITAL TOOLS that have to be in your system to UNITE your team together for long-term growth.
The 3rd Weapon is knowing WHAT GEAR or PHASE each of your Business Team is in, so that each team knows what they’re trying to accomplish at this moment.
The 4th Weapon is having The 5 C’s built into each leg of your Business for Real Leadership.
The 5th Weapon is having these 4 BUSINESS PULSES checked every month in every team will help you see the Real Stability of your Business.
The 6th Weapon is EDIFICATION the ONE thing that you must get good at if you want to see duplication and major growth in your business.
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